solarPower ideas

After some testing and brainstorming within myself I think the main improvements I can do to this little projects are:

  • Adding a microcontroller for :
    • Output voltage (amperage??) monitoring
    • Battery overcharging
    • Getting a nice low power display to show this stuff..
  • Get the output voltage a bit higher for losses in cables or due to battery drainage.

Basically this.. Maybe I can just use an op-amp with a voltage reference to disconnect the solar power when the battery voltage it’s high enough.

More to follow, just a quick post…

solarPower first prototype!

Hi, I had two 9V/1W solar panels laying around at home and I was wondering what to do with them for a long time. Hopefully I’ve put them to good use finally! I also happened to have around some MC34063 DC/DC switching converters, wich I would like to use too, so this is basically what came out of them!

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TumblrPicUploader first release!

Hi, this is just a quick post, I’ve prepared a little python application to upload pictures from a pc/mac/linux box with python installed using their REST API V2.

I tried to use java at first but there was some problem with the photoset uploading wich was driving me mad..

After some searching I’ve found out that the tumblr team wrote an example in python to do just that (a bunch of person had the same problem apparently).
So, I learned python and went for it..
That’s what I came up with..

Bitbucket Repository – TumblrPicUploader

Have fun with that, read the readme file and if you have any question, just write me here or on my email.