Stellaris launchpad first project

I played with the stellaris launchpad and gcc today.

I basically created a folder in /stellaris/boards called myProjects copied the uart_echo example in the /stellaris/boards/ek-lm4f120xl.

You just need this files to work with gcc via command line:

  • uart_echo.c
  • startup_gcc.c
  • uart_echo.ld
  • Makefile

I changed the names of uart_echo.c and uart_echo.ld to something more convenient like serialADC and changed inside the Makefile all the names from “uart_echo” to “serialADC” at once.

I used the api called uartstdio.h so I needed to add the compilation of the object file uartsdio.o to the makefile rule.

Well, it has been cool, now going for something nicer to do! You can find all the source code files right here!


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