I’m fed up with the transportation service of my city, it’s slow and it gives no clue about what bus to catch when you need to go somewhere.

I’m planning to do a web application to use with it and I’m developing a website in Django/Python to implement the timetable with a search for routes.

The final goal will be to put a “I’m here” button which would tell the nearest stop and tell you the next useful bus to catch.

After learning a bit of Python to work with the Tumblr API I’ve noticed that it’s a quite nice web oriented language to use, so I choose it in combination with the Django project and programming dynamic web pages it’s not as bad as I remembered from high school. 🙂

You can find if you want the source files in this Bitbucket repository!

solarPower changes

Basically I’m switching to gEDA, another open source EDA tool, I’m much more used to it!

I have planned to use a small 8 pin Attiny85 microcontroller, wich I’m going to buy from mouser, with a sharp memory display or a normal lcd as interface. The sharp one has the advantage that it’s very low power and with a very good readibility, the other one it’s much more easier to interface, a typical 4/8 bits parallel LCD.

The attiny85 has just 8 pins, so I planned to use a 74HC595 shift register to interface the display with a 4 bit configuration and switch the charging of the battery off when needed.

solarPower ideas

After some testing and brainstorming within myself I think the main improvements I can do to this little projects are:

  • Adding a microcontroller for :
    • Output voltage (amperage??) monitoring
    • Battery overcharging
    • Getting a nice low power display to show this stuff..
  • Get the output voltage a bit higher for losses in cables or due to battery drainage.

Basically this.. Maybe I can just use an op-amp with a voltage reference to disconnect the solar power when the battery voltage it’s high enough.

More to follow, just a quick post…

solarPower first prototype!

Hi, I had two 9V/1W solar panels laying around at home and I was wondering what to do with them for a long time. Hopefully I’ve put them to good use finally! I also happened to have around some MC34063 DC/DC switching converters, wich I would like to use too, so this is basically what came out of them!

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