A lot of stuff learned!

I’ve been playing around a lot with the Stellaris Launchpad board, looking around the stuff I never noticed that the besides the fact of being licensed with a BSD style license, the Stellarisware SW provided by Texas Instruments has a closed license for the various examples.

The basic files needed to create a program for the board, and basically for all the ARM processors are the following with binutils and gcc:

  • The program you want contained in a .c file.
  • A linker script due to the fact you don’t have an operating system running.
  • A startup code file that zeroes the .bss segment variables, copies the .data segment to ram and setups the NVIC vector table.
  • A Makefile to build everything easily.

The program and the Makefile can be done with not much worries, but the linker script and the startup code are quite difficult, at least for me, to understand and set up properly.

So I ended up building from scratch the whole files needed and licensed them with a BSD license (Basically, do what you want with them, just give me credit I’m happy if someone find them useful, you can contribute, but don’t blame me if it doesn’t work lol)

You can find them in this Github repository

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