solarPower changes

Basically I’m switching to gEDA, another open source EDA tool, I’m much more used to it!

I have planned to use a small 8 pin Attiny85 microcontroller, wich I’m going to buy from mouser, with a sharp memory display or a normal lcd as interface. The sharp one has the advantage that it’s very low power and with a very good readibility, the other one it’s much more easier to interface, a typical 4/8 bits parallel LCD.

The attiny85 has just 8 pins, so I planned to use a 74HC595 shift register to interface the display with a 4 bit configuration and switch the charging of the battery off when needed.


solarPower ideas

After some testing and brainstorming within myself I think the main improvements I can do to this little projects are:

  • Adding a microcontroller for :
    • Output voltage (amperage??) monitoring
    • Battery overcharging
    • Getting a nice low power display to show this stuff..
  • Get the output voltage a bit higher for losses in cables or due to battery drainage.

Basically this.. Maybe I can just use an op-amp with a voltage reference to disconnect the solar power when the battery voltage it’s high enough.

More to follow, just a quick post…

solarPower first prototype!

Hi, I had two 9V/1W solar panels laying around at home and I was wondering what to do with them for a long time. Hopefully I’ve put them to good use finally! I also happened to have around some MC34063 DC/DC switching converters, wich I would like to use too, so this is basically what came out of them!

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